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Using Creative Research Methods FOC

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For Queen’s University Belfast Only

This course will outline creative research methods and show you how to use them appropriately at every stage of the research process. The course assumes that you have a good working knowledge of conventional research methods, and builds on that knowledge by introducing arts-based methods, research using technology, mixed methods, and transformative research frameworks such as participatory and activist research. Any or all of these techniques can be used alongside more conventional research methods and are often particularly useful when addressing more complex research questions. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to try applying these methods in practice. Attention will be paid to ethical issues throughout. The day will include plenty of practical advice and tips on using creative methods in research.


The course covers:

  • Arts-based methods
  • Research using technology
  • Mixed methods
  • Transformative research frameworks


By the end of the course participants will:

  •  Have a good level of knowledge of creative research methods
  •  Understand how to use creative methods alongside more traditional methods
  •  Understand when to use creative methods in research
  • Know how creative methods can add value to funding bids


This course will be relevant for researchers from the third sector, public services (e.g. health, criminal justice, social care, education, local or national government), and those who work in independent research organisations or academia. It is an intermediate level course and attendees will need a good working knowledge of traditional research methods.

Course Code


Course Date

15th March 2018

Places Available


Course Leader

Dr Helen Kara
Course Description

09.00   Registration and Refreshments

09.30  Welcome, introductions, and expectations for the day

09.45   Presentation: introduction to creative methods

10.15   Small group discussions

10.30   Big group discussion, Q&A

10.45   Short video and discussion

11.00   Tea/Coffee break

11.20   Presentation: creative methods in practice

12.00   Small group discussions

12.20   Big group discussion, Q&A

 12.45 Short video and discussion

 13.00   Lunch

 13.45  Individual work: creative data analysis

 14.10   Small group work: designing research

 14.40  Small group work: preparing a presentation

 15.00   Tea/Coffee break

 15.20  Presentations

 16.00   Q&A session

 16.15   Evaluations

 16.30   Close

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