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Language Opportunity Intercultural Communication course


Course Information

Language Opportunity Intercultural Communication course

Language Opportunity Intercultural Communication Course

*Please note* You can only apply for this course if you have not taken a free Language Opportunity course, since being a student at the University.


The aim of this short course is for you to enhance your intercultural awareness as it relates to your current and future experience (in life, university and work). Upon completion of the course, you will have gained knowledge of what intercultural communication is and why it is important. Through the ideas and activities engaged with over the six sessions, you will become more self-aware of how your experiences have influenced the choices you make when interacting with others. You will also gain a greater understanding of what influences your perceptions of others, and how others could perceive your communicative choices. Overall, the course aims to bring together awareness (e.g. knowledge of others, ideas and orientations), practice (enhancing intercultural communicative competence) and understanding (empathy, patience and tolerance).

Course details:


This course will not be assessed and is offered in addition to any credit bearing modules you are currently taking. However, it is intended to align with an accredited module which is offered in Semester 2 under the Curriculum Innovation Programme. This will be an option for anyone who has taken the course and would like to further develop their interest, knowledge and skills in this area.


It is important that you ensure that you have sufficient time to commit to the full 6 weeks of the course before you apply. Spaces are limited, and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Students who do not gain a space will be able to reapply for more courses that will take place later in the year. Course dates are as follows:

Day: Wednesday

Time: 15.00 - 17.00

Location: Avenue campus

Start: Wed 26 April

End: Wed 31st May


Course Code


Course Dates

26th April 2017 – 31st May 2017

Course Leader

Lien Bui
Course Description


This is a 6 week course, with the following areas being covered:

  • Culture and communication - What do we mean by culture? How does it shape our behaviour/expectations? What other aspects are tied into ideas of Culture? What is the difference between identity and culture? How do these relate to communication?
  • Labelling, grouping and thinking – How and why do we use labels and stereotypes? Are they useful? When can they be harmful? How are social labels used socially? How do we self-label and divide ourselves in different ways?
  • Language and culture – How does language relate to culture? How does language work interculturally? What impact does language have on and around you?
  • Academic life – What implications does intercultural communication have for university learning environments? What factors make cross-cultural group work and integration successful or not successful? How do trends of globalisation impact on students’ participation and networked communication?
  • Working life – What role does intercultural communication have in the workplace? How is globalisation impacting on global workplaces? How can future employees prepare for this? What intercultural elements can be considered across different contexts (e.g. different nations, different employment sectors or different employment roles) and media (e.g. meetings, online communication or websites)?
  • Intercultural communicative competence – What is ICC? How can it be judged? How good are you at communicating interculturally? How can you enhance your communicative competence?

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